Flower Garland: Quick & Easy Decor

Looking for a way to celebrate the warmer weather AND spruce up your interior space? DIY Flower Garland FTW!

After staring at a big, blank, white space next to my Eclectic Hearts home workstation for about a week – I finally decided to try out a version of all the beautiful, boho flower garlands I’ve been seeing on Instagram and Pinterest lately. Friends, it was SO EASY – why did I wait this long to create my own floral masterpiece?!


5 Easy Steps:

  1. Gather literally any string, rope, twine you have available in your home or pick some up at your local hobby store – the flowers do the talking anyways. There’s plenty of recommendations for the ‘best’ string to use out there. Some people prefer a thinner string as it creates the illusion that the flowers are floating (which is totally fab), but I used just a bundle of twine I’d had sitting around (because ya girl is cheap) and it still turned out very earthy and chic.
  2. FLOWERS! Have some little friends finally blooming in the yard out front? Or maybe a recent anniversary or event that’s got a beautiful batch currently sitting crowded together in a vase? (I used my wedding weekend flowers) If not, maybe go for a relaxing hike to pick some wildflowers and leaves to use!
  3. Find a sturdy dowel rod or stick to hang the rope and flowers from. You can of course grab a dowel rod from your local hardware or craft store OR you can be like me and send your husband and dog out on a walk to gather sturdy, straight(ish) stick options for you (#efficient).
  4. Cut your strings at whatever lengths you’d like / whatever fits your available space. Trim your flowers (I left about 1″ of the stem to tie the rope to). Tie one end of the strings to the stick and then do a simple knot around each of your stems as you work your way down – as far or as close together as you’d like (I tied them every 4″-6″).
  5. Use a piece of your extra string and tie a knot at each end of the stick to easily hang your bohemian goddess decor!Homemade Bohemian Flower Garland

Voila – a beautiful, colorful, natural piece of decor to spice up your weekend and your walls! Of course, if you use natural flowers they will die, but they actually dry nicely and still look beautiful after the fact (I’ve had mine up for about 1.5 weeks now and still love it). Other option is to purchase silk flowers, but that’s of course not the most cost efficient route (although I’ve been scouring Facebook Marketplace for someone giving some up for a more permanent version of this).

Honestly, the whole shebang took me approximately 45 minutes at the most – it was a super relaxing craft and it made my step daughter say the sweetest, most genuine ‘Wooooow’ I’ve ever heard – worth every minute it took to put it together.

Get outside this weekend, smell the roses… & then hang them up!

Author: Eclectic Hearts Art

Eclectic Hearts is a subscription company that sends subscribers original, exclusive art prints with real stores + real people behind them, so you can joyfully fill the walls of your abode at an affordable price.

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